pôle aéronautique «Istres-Jean-Sarrail»

The Jean Sarrail Aeronautical Pole of Istres

Thanks to the proximity of Air Force Base 125 and its aeronautical infrastructure, a true chain of expertise, devoted in particular to Flight tests and certification, has been developped in Istres by Ministry of Defense and Industrial leaders in the aeronautical sector.


Bordering the Air Force Base 125 with direct access to the runway. An ideal geographical position at the crossroads of the Mediterranean arc, sea, air and rail logistics platforms.

40 minutes from Marseille- Provence International Airport and 50 minutes from the TCV stations of Aix-en-Provence, Avignon and Marseille, the aeronautical cluster “Jean Sarrail-Istres is ideally located in the heart of a multimodal logistics hub.