This is a growth-generating ecosystem and it is unique in Europe

Thanks to the close vicinity of AFB 125 and associated aeronautical facilities, a true centre of expertise dedicated to testing and certification has materialized in Istres thanks to Government and companies from the aeronautical sector

Charles Monier AFB 125 is a prime asset for the French Air Force as the main runway is 5,000 metres long and is one of the longest in Europe. The airbase has test and evaluation facilities used by the French Air Force and the Fleet Air Arm for flight testing in addition to aircraft manufacturers and equipment providers working for the defense industry (such as DASSAULT, THALES, SAFRAN ... ). Given the length of the runway and the safety equipment available here, the base has been used for emergency landings by distressed civilian aircraft in addtion to being a potential landing facility for the US Space Shuttle. The base has a world class skills and expertise centre for flight simulation and ground or airborne flight testing, thanks to the DGA in-flight testing centre and the test centres belonging to the aeronautical firms on site complete with a network of over 1,500 experts.

Setting up your company on the hub in Istres will afford you a highly integrated aeronautical environment and ecosystem

The fact that SAFRAN just chose Istres as its new test facility showcases the reality of local cutting edge skills.

The «Istres-Jean-Sarrail» hub is close nearby and is part of the Aix-Marseille Metropolitan Authority where Airbus Helicopters are operating (in Marignane) involving a tightly woven network of aeronautics subcontractors.

Istres is hosting the Training centre for UIMM technology industries in addition to a new technical aeronautical facility in connection with the airship industry and the aeronautical hub.


(photo : meeting aérien du 5 juin 2016 © Ville d'Istres
A series of test flights and the very first public appearance of the NEURON European combat drone demonstrator have been organized in the airspace above AFB 125, Istres. Dassault Aviation was appointed prime contractor under the authority of the DGA. (photo : air display held on 5 June 2016 © Ville d'Istres)

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