the AIRSHIP Village project and be the industrial nerve centre for the AIRSHIP industry

The Istres aeronautical hub affords you property and real estate opportunities alongside the Istres AFB 125 with its aeronautical facilities (runway is 5000 m long) and the Flight Test Centre (DGA/EV) which is a world class centre of expertise dedicated to testing and certification.

The hub covers 33 hectares and can benefit from the infrastructures and installations of one of France’s leading air force bases for flight testing. Companies wanting to settle here can count on an ecosystem of world class industrial concerns such as DASSAULT, THALES, SAFRAN in addition to a pool of over 1500 experts

The range of aeronautical endeavour is very broad

There are 4.5 hectares including a 26,000m2 industrial assembly hall complete with workshops and tertiary sector premises for businesses needing access to the runway : aircraft maintenance and equipment, production, testing and training …

The “Airship” industrial cluster will soon be ready …

As access to the stratosphere has already been gained by AFB 125 having already been chosen as an emergency landing facility for the Space Shuttle, the hub will be where the Stratobus TD1 demonstrator developed by Thales Alenia Space will be built in 2019. Other programmes are also expected here soon, such as the Flying Whales heavy cargo transport programme.

which will take shape alongside the « Airship Village » and cover 6 hectares dedicated to the supply chain.

Available land reserves can be expected to house the entire production and logistics chain for the airship programmes along with many promissing applications such as : observation, telecommunications and cargo transportation …

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